Florida Governor DeSantis Announces Water Policy for Environmental Progression

Just two days after being sworn into office, Florida governor Ron DeSantis announces a water policy that means serious business for taking action on Florida’s struggling environments. 


This morning, DeSantis signed executive order 19-12. An order aimed to protect Florida’s water quality and environment. 


Water Policy Florida DeSantis


“The protection of water resources is one of the most pressing issues facing our state. Thats why today I'm taking immediate action to combat the threats which have devastated our local economies and threatened the health of our communities.”

- Ron DeSantis


The executive order will provide:

  • 2.5 Billion in funding over the next 4 years for everglades restoration and security of the states water quality. This is the largest funding for the restoration of Florida’s environments in history. 


  • The establishment of an Algae Task Force. Its mission will be to reduce the negative effects of Blue-Green algae blooms. Florida has been dealing with major effects of large algae blooms in recent years. These blooms can be created from fertilizer runoff in argricultural areas as well as any runoff containing human waste. Nitrogen & Phosphorous found in the runoff act as a major supplement to the massive growth and long lasting effects of these blooms. With an Algae Task Force in place, DeSantis aims to reduce the probability of these blooms occurring at such a level to cause potential threats moving forward.


  • The Creation of: The Office of Environmental Accountability and Transparency. This new office will be in charge of directing and organizing integrated scientific research and analysis to ensure that all agency actions are aligned with key environmental priorities. 


  • The order will also give immediate instruction to Florida Water Management to begin its next phase of the Everglades Agricultural Storage Reservoir Project.


Learn more about the importance of this project:


With a recent history of poor environmental resource management, we look forward to, and welcome a more environmentally progressive leader creating a game plan for getting Florida's ecosystems and related economies back on track. 





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