The Keys to Successful Long Term Road Travel | Efficiency & Savings!

 The idea of living and traveling anywhere you wish at any given time is an attractive thought to say the least. Have a job that can be continued remotely to support your travels? Maybe you have a plan for a new source of income once you hit the road? Regardless of your financial situation, there's a few universal ideas that can save you both money and energy on your path to creating the most efficient and personalized lifestyle of freedom.



Heres a few ideas for saving that valuable extra cash and energy:


Invest in Renewable Energy and Efficient Gear! 

If your journey has not yet begun, do yourself a financial favor and invest in a renewable source of power that won't require the high fees of a campground with hookups to keep your lifestyle afloat. If you're renovating a living space like a bus, travel trailer, or van, chances are you can easily install a solar power system to power your life and install more efficient electronic equipment to save energy. A simple investment in renewable energy will easily be the single best savings tactic financially, and a massive step toward a more sustainable and efficient lifestyle.


Internet ANYWHERE for Working Remotely!

If you work through the internet, you might find yourself running to the nearest town just to get signal when your campsite doesn't have a single bar. This almost takes away the point of "remote" income or the ability to "work from home". Another good way to avoid this constant gas usage while driving to town is to invest in a signal booster. With a signal booster and a mobile hotspot on your phone, you can do all the work you need to do from the comfort of your living space in the middle of nowhere. A signal booster can be a costly investment up front for some people, but like renewable energy, it's a no brainer for long term savings. Here's the signal booster we recommend.


When Choosing a Campground, Aim for Free Camping!

Free campsites allow you to save a HUGE chunk of change. Free campgrounds usually do not have electric/water hookups, but with a renewable energy source built into your living space and an off grid capable setup, free campsites are a clear choice for saving substantial funds to be used elsewhere among your travels. You can easily save that accumulating "rent" money you would normally pay at campgrounds by living FULL TIME among free campsites.  Most of the available free camping is on public lands such as national forests and BLM land which averages a stay limit of 14 days. To maximize efficiency, try to stay in each site to the extent of the local limit. For the sake of efficient long term travel, elongated stay's are a great way to hunker down, get a real feel for the area, and live efficiently before heading off to the next spot.

Before heading to any new area, do some research and find a campsite with the shortest possible drive to groceries, gas, and any other resources you might need. The closer you are to the nearest town for running errands, the lower your gas expense will be.



Buy Groceries in Bulk or During a Sale!

Eating fast food or restaurants can add up quick. Easy to store dry goods like rice, beans, pasta, p-nut butter, bread, and potatoes can go a long way for saving money on the road. Foods that won't spoil, and can be stored without any type of refrigeration are travel friendly in any situation. If If a grocery store nearby has some kind of weekly sale like a "buy one get one", plan your trip to town on the best day for deals to take full advantage of the most bang for your buck. 


Plan All Your Chores in One Trip to Town!

If the closest town is 20 miles from the campsite, you don't want to go get groceries on Monday, do laundry on Tuesday, and fill water on Wednesday. Combine all your tasks into one trip to town to save big on gas. Bulk chores can be a lot to plan out, and often times 2 trips a week may be necessary, but the more trips you cut, the more money you save and the more time you can spend enjoying the campsite. 


Benefits of maximized efficiency: 

Like any lifestyle, an efficient system of workflow combined with the efficiency of your own unique daily routine can not only save you money, but can act as an essential base system for growth personally and financially.

For those transitioning to a life on the road, you will find a thousand metaphorical road hazards along your path that are not commonly known to the average lifestyle. From things like learning how to find the perfect campsite, down to the simple tasks like constantly finding new places to do your daily chores. With an efficient system running the core of your operation, you can focus less on dependability for things like a power source, and focus more of your time and energy on the things that will bring you personal and professional growth and happiness.


Best of luck,

- Respect Thy Nature 


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